SIR - You have been reporting on the controversy that some schools in Kirklees serve meat from animals that are not pre-stunned before slaughter and yet in Bradford ALL the halal meat served in maintained schools is from non-stunned animals.

This information isn't given to parents and the Council's webpage goes into considerable detail about "the integrity of our halal food" but doesn't mention animal welfare or make it clear that the animals are not stunned before slaughter.

Given that evidence clearly indicates that slaughter without pre-stunning can cause unnecessary suffering and at least 75 councils across the UK only use meat that is pre-stunned (including at least 47 that provide halal) isn't it time Bradford Council was more transparent on this issue and reviewed its policy by consulting with residents and respected animal welfare organisations?

Cllr Debbie Davies (Baildon ward, Conservative), Hartlington Court, Baildon