SIR - Under the present government we have seen the disastrous effects of cuts to benefits and services.

Poverty among working families has rocketed along with homelessness and rough sleeping.

Politicians repeatedly tell us that we are the fifth largest economy in the world when it suits their agenda, but should these issues really be evident in the world`s fifth largest economy ?

They tell us that austerity has been a necessity and not a political choice, however this so called austerity has blatantly targeted only the worst off in society, leaving the already rich to increase their wealth on the backs of the poor.

Food banks and housing charities are now looked upon as normal and are seen by the authorities as a back up to their increasingly meagre hand-outs.

Charity has become the norm as we head back to the days of Dickensian society.

These wealthy, overpaid, jumped up public servants should hang their heads in shame.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford