Sir - I was interested to read J Appleyard’s letter (T&A, Nov 28) regarding the closure of pubs. Changing lifestyles and the banning of smoking hasn’t helped but micro breweries now seem to be the in thing, as well as so called craft beers, whatever they are.

Regarding the selling of good food, I couldn’t agree more but the downside to that for my wife and I is that more and more eating establishments are becoming dog friendly. We all know what dogs do with their noses and where their paws go. Need I say more?

Then some proud dog owners let them sit on the seats or on their laps and let them “ kiss” their lips. Disgusting to say the least.

Even our once favourite eating place nearby started letting dogs in. We were told they were not a problem. Food and dogs? No thank you.

Michael T Leahy, Rowantree Avenue, Baildon