SIR - I was bemused to read on the Business page (T&A, Nov 28) that poppadoms "are almost unheard of back home" and that they are "British creations".

Even in my Chambers 21thC Dictionary it states that 'poppadom' is a 19th C word of Tamil origin, maybe from 'paruppa atam' (lentil cake).

Certainly in Mumbai they are called, by many, papads. A well-known brand is Lijjat. They can be made out of various lentil flours with seasonings such as chilli, black pepper and garlic. I even have recipes for banana and jackfruit papads. They can all be either dry-roasted or deep-fried.

So poppadoms are produced, and are widely available, in India, and not a British creation.

Cynthia Trasi, Kirkgate, Shipley,