SIR - Theresa May is, apparently, embarking on a charm offensive to win over the British people to her Brexit deal. Yet, how will she or anyone else know if she's succeeded or not? A general election or second referendum might give her the answer but she's not going down either of these paths, we're told.

But, isn't it simply the case that the straight (or binary) choice between Leave or Remain never covered all the options? After all, as well as 'Remain'- happy with the EU, there is 'Remain'- but only with the EU reformed, hard Brexit, soft Brexit and everything in between. That's why there are so many different views on the Government side and beyond. It is VERY complicated, but shouldn't democracy be at its heart? But, how will democracy get a look in, in the present situation?

David Hornsby, West View Avenue,Wrose