SIR - On the front page of the November 8 T&A was the story of a proposed development on a site which has been derelict for 35 years, about time you might think.

On page three of the November 9 edition is highlighted the shocking state of a derelict Wapping School which has been empty for 18 years. Just who does Bradford Council, Historic England and the Victorian Society expect to come in and save it?

Does there have to be a lapse of another 17 years before it is demolished being seen as too dangerous for vandals in the vicinity as a listed farmhouse was recently, I believe.

Bradford more than anything else needs to concentrate on what can be done and what cannot be done. In this case I would listen to the ward councillor for the chance of development of this site, the local area, and the city at large.

Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire