SIR - Our 'Chancer' of the Exchequer has just given the country a massive bribe with his budget that`s only relevant if Mrs May`s Brexit deal is accepted by the rest of Parliament.

He has quite openly said that the years of austerity are over only IF her cobbled together and ludicrous deal is accepted when presented to Parliament. What he failed to mention is that it also needs to be accepted by the EU!

This puts our brave Chancer in a win-win situation because he knows that the chances of this so called deal being accepted are slim to none existent.

In other words, he has a ready made excuse to abandon the proposed NHS funding and tax breaks for the lowest earners.

The act of national self-harming that is Brexit has become a political tool with which to attempt to control their own party and something on which they can blame the failure of their economic policies of the last eight years.

Yes, Brexit is the scapegoat needed by a failed political experiment.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford