SIR - You reported the council held a meeting to discuss various issues regarding OFSTED, cohesion and integration and child sexual exploitation (CSE). I too attended that meeting and was appalled at the brevity in which the CSE problem was dealt with. They discussed the damning OFSTED report, they discussed the benefit of a social cohesion and integration policy for primary schools, this was initiated by Bradford Council and was pioneering in this field and that the government were to fund this project to the tune of £1.2 million pound with the DWP contributing around £400,000 over two years. This is to be rolled out across the country and has to be applauded.

My issue was the CSE agenda: it was rolled out as the “the big cheese” and the whole item was swiftly put to bed with emphasis put on breaking down the myths associated with certain sectors of the community. I would say the whole item was done and dusted within 20 minutes. I would like the council to elaborate on these ‘myths’.

D Hodgson, Falcon Road, Bingley