SIR - I read with interest your moving article by Emma Clayton about the erection of a monument to honour the Bradford Pals who laid down their lives in World War one and I feel compelled to congratulate you all.

I am a one time resident of Bradford, now living in Haxby, and keep in touch via the Telegraph & Argus. I make no apologies for the fact that article brought tears to my eyes. I am impressed with what you have done and that everyone, not least Bradford Council and Fagley quarry, have come together to make this a memorable occasion - congratulations. Bradford sometimes comes in for bad press but clearly its heart is in the right place.

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Whilst there is a wooden plaque on the wall of our St Mary’s Church, listing names of the 28 men who gave their today for our tomorrow, some local residents felt they deserved a permanent stone memorial, similar to the one Bradford has erected, in the village.

Haxby Council was asked for permission, at no cost to them, but for reasons best known to themselves, and in marked contrast to the actions of you guys in Bradford, they have sadly turned down our request.

Peter Addyman, Haxby, York