SIR - Saturday’s T&A review of Brian Levison’s ‘Remarkable Village Cricket Grounds’ book, reminded us all of the proposed Aire Valley trunk road which would have seen the desecration of Roberts Park, and Saltaire Cricket Club in the 1980s.

For those of us who actually marched in protest with Yorkshire & England cricketer David Bairstow, we all owe a debt to former Saltaire cricketer Pat McKelvey, who spearheaded a crusade that lasted a matter of years.

He organised all those affected to rally to the cause, argued with and canvassed politicians, and persuaded the great Jim Laker to be the patron of a movement that eventually won the day.

But there were times when the destruction of the valley bottom, with its wildlife habitats, the definite closure of ten or so sports clubs, and the compulsory purchase of houses, was very much on the cards.

As the cricket club marks its 150th anniversary next year, I only hope that the current custodians of the club will acknowledge a man who fits very high in its folklore.

Now living in Denby Dale, the charismatic McKelvey wasn’t one for the plaudits, but he will be remembered fondly by those who were there at the time.

Reg Nelson, Westfield Road, Bradford