SIR- I read with interest the responses on line to my latest anti-political correctness rant. It seems the point was missed by some.

One said that I should accept the world has changed from what I want it to be.

But into what?

A world where the National Trust covers up statues because they're male? We can't see Snow White being kissed by the prince because that's abuse?

There are calls to ban the word snowman because it's sexist. Why should we accept this?

This is not a game, it's serious. Political correctness has had serious consequences in terms of crimes not being reported quick enough. And hate crime is a one-way street as I've said.

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It is true that some colleges have had brainwashing leftist lecturers, I've seen them. I didn't say all and it's over a long time.

All I'm saying is everyone should be protected equally by the law from abuse or any other law breaking.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon