SIR - Spot on Iain Morris (T&A letters, November 3). Bradford's dead-end stations are never ever going to get cross rail trains to call into a brand new re-vamped interchange where the driver has to change ends in order to continue to Leeds.

The whole idea is to link up East and West coasts, to shorten the journey times and not to have a station with a dead end en-route until it reaches its destination.

Mr Morris is right when he says a train from Hull to Manchester went via Leeds, Huddersfield and Stalybridge. The only way to Liverpool from the old Exchange Station was a direct line from Bradford.

Today, there may be a change of trains in order to do this. I have to say to our councillors stop dreaming about something that will not come into reality in this city until we have a through line. This could have happened when we had the big hole in the ground. Now it's too late.

B Barraclough, New Works Road, Low Moor