SIR - Channel 4 TV, on Monday November 5, screened a project fear special - Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks. I knew their false result before it was exposed. Their news channel is blatantly Lib/Dem orientated, the outcome was aimed at Remain!

There are at least two glaring faults with their biased report: a) the principle reason the majority voted Leave was sovereignty but never mentioned once in the key questions asked to the sample; b) it was stated their research was the largest made since the EU Referendum, 20,000 contacted across all constituencies, there are 650 parliamentary constituencies, this averages out at less than 31 people per constituency. Worthless data!

Who checks the Channel 4 figures, as they are blatantly Lib/Dem thus Remain. I suspect they interviewed 40 in every Remain constituency, especially in Scotland but only 20 in every Leave constituency.

Their findings are not to be trusted and an utter disgrace to claim a clear majority for Remain.

Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley