SIR - At the beginning of the year Bradford's senior Judge, Jonathan Durham Hall, assured us that enough was enough and danger drivers could expect a custodial sentence. More recently he stated that those who ignored blue lights would also be jailed.

So well done Judge David Hatton who has just handed down a suspended sentence to Adam Bhatti who had evaded police, jumped red lights and driven at 72 mph in a 30 zone in his uninsured vehicle (T&A, November 3).

The Judge appears to have been swayed by the defendant having supposedly spent three days praying after his arrest.

If this is sufficient to persuade Judge Hatton to impose a non-custodial sentence then perhaps it is time for him to step aside from the bench as he is certainly doing no favours to the people of Bradford.

Maybe there will be a lot more praying in the future if such outcomes can be guaranteed!

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon