SIR- Some might say that the world is being spoiled by PCs - personal computers; polluting cars; polluting cows; plastic cups; a lack of population control and political correctness.

The last of these has now reached the stage where the National Trust has been covering up busts with sheets because they are male, and there are calls not to show the prince kissing Snow White because it's abuse. And Snow White shouldn't be seen doing the cleaning because it's sexist.

The astonishing thing is that many people agree with this. And if I should respect their view, they don't respect mine.

Part of this is that many students have been corrupted in universities with flawed ideologies by Marxist lecturers, creating a bandwagon of hypocrisy. And what the PC Brigade must realise is that the things they oppose the most, the rise of the right, Trump and Brexit, are the symptoms not the illness. They caused it.

The illness being the self righteous liberal elite, who tell us we shouldn't judge a group by the actions of the few, but encourage this attitude when it comes to white men. With things like the insidious #Me Too campaign and the invention of hate crime.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon