SIR - I was driving down Westgate around the time the recent fixture between Bradford City and Portsmouth had finished. Traffic heading toward John Street was well and truly snarled with the endless feed of football traffic from Drewton Road.

Immediately in front of me was a coach that had come up from the South Coast - I assumed the driver was relying on a sat nav rather than local knowledge as it seemed a strange route to take to get to the motorways.

I couldn’t see into the coach but pedestrians walking/lingering near it clearly could - half-a-dozen youths immediately seemed to be looking for bricks or something substantial to throw at the coach windows. Luckily all they could lay hands upon were small pebbles.

I wonder if this coach had ignored Bradford City or Police instructions in terms of departure time and/or route to be taken? Heading straight into a traffic jam seemed to be asking for trouble.

This needs looking at as the reputation of our City is brittle enough as things are.

John Murphy, Cooper Lane, Bradford