SIR - Although we were delighted to see that the Christian Aid Cut the Carbon' march will reach it's finale in London on October 2, we were shocked to see no mention of the impact of livestock on climate change.

The main gas that farmed animals produce, methane, is actually 21 times more damaging that carbon dioxide, and livestock farming accounts for 18 per cent of greenhouse emissions.

This is more than the entire world's transport systems combined and comes second only to the burning of fossil fuels as a contributor to global warming.

Poorer countries are being encouraged to grow cash crops such as animal fodder - at the expense of food for home consumption - to earn foreign currency to meet their debt repayments. It has resulted in the obscenity of children starving to death alongside lush crops destined for the West's animals.

The only way to prevent climate change and to feed the world is to adopt a vegetarian or - even better - vegan, diet.

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Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner, Wilder Street, Bristol