SIR - Having watched and listened to Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on the EU referendum, one would think the Hokey Cokey was especially written for him. When asked where he stood on the vote he commented: “We will stand by the outcome of the British people.” When asked the same question 24 hours later, he intimated he would like to see a second referendum or a ‘People’s’ vote. In each case though he did reiterate that any Labour government would fight for British jobs.

How ironic then that after EVERY Labour government since 1922, all bar one 1924, there was an increase in the levels of unemployment. Mind you in 1924 they were a minority government and only led from January 1924- October 1924.

The statistics are quite clear, if you want jobs for the British economy, keep away from Labour.

D. Hodgson, Falcon Road, Bingley