WHEN the idea of a 20mph speed limit was first mooted a couple of weeks ago we expressed our doubts.

No one would disagree with anything that puts the brakes on the dangerous drivers who treat the city as their own personal Brands Hatch - but lowering the speed limit won’t do that.

If someone ignores a sign telling them to drive at 30mph you can bet they will thumb their noses at a 20mph restriction.

The only people caught out by a 20mph zone will be otherwise law-abiding motorists confused by the change.

West Yorkshire Police do not have the resources to enforce a city centre reduction in speed limits.

We fear many drivers would simply ignore the signs and set their own limits, banking on the fact that they almost certainly won’t be caught.

That’s why Manchester has called a halt to its 20pmph plans after finding they made no difference to average speeds or accidents.

If the local authority has money to speed on speed mitigation measures then we think a more targeted approach – perhaps outside the city’s schools or at key accident blackspots – would be a more effective use of those resources.

Speed bumps and artificial pinch points could be useful in making drivers slow down near schools and colleges.

Any law is only as good as society’s ability to enforce it. Slashing speed limits in the city centre would be a token gesture, at best, and a waste of money at worst.