What is this unusual feeling?

Oh yes, that’s right, it’s warm. We have been basking in glorious wall-to-wall sunshine and we are not used to it.

Such was this weird phenomenon that after two weeks of continuous sun the Met Office stopped calling it a heatwave and just began calling it ‘summer’.

It was nothing like those miserable wash outs of the past when we would despairingly recall: “Remember last year’s summer?”

“Yes, it was on a Wednesday, wasn’t it?”

Grown men eschewed their normal attire and dressed like giant toddlers in sandals and T-shirts though certain sections of the community stoically stuck to their overcoats.

Some of us exhibited really out of character behaviour and even started smiling at strangers.

But there were more astonishing things afoot.

As a nation we were also basking in something we are also definitely not used to – glory.

Our England lads – including fab Bradford-born Fabian Delph – took us much further than ever imagined in the World Cup. And even though we were beaten in the semi-finals, frankly even that was beyond our wildest dreams.

I was at a garden party held in honour of new Lord Mayor during the penalty shoot out against Columbia and slowly everyone migrated into the front room where previously only the teens had been following the match. The room was bursting with people – young, old, every colour, race, religion and background, all holding their breath and praying for England.

And when those prayers were answered the room exploded in an ear-splitting cheer.

What a fantastic moment. It was icing on the cake of an already fantastic event. Plus the actual cakes were really good too.

Anyone who says that our communities are divided and insular and intolerant can, in the infamous words of Princess Anne, naff off.

It was an amazing feel-good moment and lifted the collective mood of the country.

I also liked how down to earth and normal members of the team sounded like aforementioned Fabian, Harry Macguire from Sheffield and Jordan Pickford, who played a season at Bradford City. Manager Gareth Southgate has been praised for his natty waistcoats and family values. It was a breath of fresh air from all that WAG nonsense.

And my cup runneth over as, in a hat-trick of happiness, we also scooped a top award for this magazine.

Asian Life beat long-established and highly respected publications to win Best Magazine at the O2 Media Awards for Yorkshire and the Humber, held at Leeds United Football Club.

Like the warm weather and England doing well, it was completely unexpected but it is a testament to our community who make the magazine what it is.

So even if England didn’t lift the trophy and the rain and freezing conditions return, I shall make the most of basking in glory and feel happy that we got our moment in the sun.