SIR - I hope the Brexit negotiations go well and the Queen of our country has the interests of her people at heart and gets a good deal.

I hope we do not continue to see billions of pounds sent abroad, as Philip Davies also commented recently. Can we also expect to see more money spent on local councils and less cutbacks with more spending at home instead of abroad? We will continue to talk about Brexit and its effects for years. Why are we not talking about helping people and doing well in society and improving lives especially in Bradford?

The Eastern European people are lovely, wonderful people who are welcome and contribute to the fabric of society in Bradford as much as any other migrant is. Even if some do seek support from benefits, isn’t that also what us British people would do if times were hard or we were looking for a job? I don’t know why European people weren’t allowed to vote on their own future.

If we stayed or if we left the EU we should expect to help people. Let’s hope the leaders get a good deal for Bradford as well as England in the future.

Mike McNally, Frizley Gardens, Frizinghall