SIR - I write to express publicly my congratulations to 'Leeds for Europe' for the excellent conference they organised in Leeds on September 8.

The conference was a sell-out and the main hall was packed with men and women with a range of ages, ethnicities and nationalities from across the North.

Whilst there were some big name speakers (Will Hutton and AC Grayling being perhaps the most prominent) a whole range of speakers had their chance to get their point over. Some were in their twenties and wonderfully passionate about Remaining.

For me two key messages came out of the conference. First, that Brexit is NOT “a done deal” and there are still opportunities to prevent it. Secondly, that we cannot simply go back to June 22, 2016 - the country has to move forward and that must involve a serious, committed effort to address the social and economic ills of this country that gave rise to the Brexit vote.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon