SIR - Judge Jonathan Durham Hall announced in January (T&A, January 10) that there would be no more second chances for danger drivers.

He reiterated this later in the year, warning that blue lights meant stop, and not to do so would suffer the same consequence.

Does Bradford's top judge not now feel that he has let us all down as the local judges continue to defy his comments by passing totally inadequate non-custodial sentences?

Recorder Anthony Hawks (T&A, September 8) is the latest to do so. Although Alishbah Khan pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, involving a 15-minute police chase, driving through a No Entry sign, passing two red lights, damaging a parked car, and trying to escape arrest, the Recorder handed down a pathetic Community Order.

We are still not seeing suitable deterrent sentences from the courts far too often.

So Judge Durham Hall, you were only too keen to pontificate back in January, so perhaps you would now like to speak out again and explain to us all just why not enough seems to have changed please? We surely all deserve some answers.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon