SIR - Chris Grayling paid another visit to The Northern Powerhouse region last week. He thought of a new wheeze, the resurrection of an old chestnut, the Shipley corridor traffic problem. With typical political smoothness, he employed words which sounded like commitment but were as hollow as many other Tory policies seen before and presently.

Grayling even decided to insult Leeds by stating his surprise there was no progress on an LBA station given his agreement to give £180m to sort our their Victorian transport system. Another pie in the sky project which will not solve an airport in the wrong location.

I think the good people of the Aire Valley need remember this last visit by Grayling. Because this is the man who promised Wales to electrify the railway west of Cardiff then reneged. Promised to electrify the railway Midland Mainline to The North then reneged on anything North of Kettering in the South. Promised to electrify the railway across the Pennines then reneged on anything east of Manchester.

Meanwhile, vastly disproportionate expenditure is applied to infrastructure in the South.

So Mr Grayling, forgive me if I think it will be 'feasibility study followed by too expensive', in that order.

Philip Crowther, Beckfield Road, Bingley