SIR - How wonderful for the soon-to-be-made-redundant workers at British Bakeries that your correspondent Phil Boase (T&A, September 7) is to find them all meaningful, fulfilling, well-paid jobs as hedge trimmers.

Presumably he will deduct the cost of the hedge trimmer from their first month's pay packets?

As for the redundancy threat being conjecture and the aftershock lasting two minutes, those likely to be affected are in a better place to comment than someone from the comfort of his armchair.

Phil should live in the real world and in real time, not that of Crecy, or Dunkirk that he cites.

Anyone reading the jobs vacant pages of the T&A will see that there aren't many about and those that are advertised would barely buy a mortgage on a beach hut.

And what makes him think these people, who have skills relevant to the food industry, can walk into the dangerous world of the building site? The recent case of the unskilled migrant worker felled by a concrete beam says it all.

But why stop there? Why not have them breaking rocks or sending their kids up chimneys. It should all be plain sailing for them from there on.

Arthur Waterhouse, Barmby Road, Undercliffe