AS far as the T&A is concerned the case for improved rail links to Bradford is already proven beyond doubt – but the economic arguments are still raging.

Transport for the North has an ambitious plan, but it doesn’t have any money.

The purse strings are still controlled by politicians in Westminster.

The economic impetus will be given a boost by new research from construction firm Mace which estimates that a new city centre rail hub could be worth £1.5bn to Bradford every year.

Sadly, Yorkshire is usually at the back of the queue when the Government hands out money for new transport infrastructure projects. Spending per head of population in our region is a fraction of the amount lavished on London.

That is going to have to change if Bradford is to get the railway service it truly deserves.

Building a new high-speed line to serve the city centre will be hugely expensive, regardless of whether it travels over ground or underground. It will take years and Bradfordians will have to put up with considerable disruption.

But the prize is surely worth the discomfort because, as the report says, poor connectivity is holding back the city’s potential for attracting new businesses.

You could say Mace has an interest in seeing a rail scheme go ahead. It did, after all, deliver the Birmingham New Street station, but we think the study has much to commend it.

All Bradford needs now is enough politicians with the vision and determination to see it through.