SIR - On a nightly basis we witness hot hatches and motorbikes travelling at eye watering speeds along the 30mph limited road beside our house. You can almost set your watch by the time that they begin their antics.

The bikers wear no helmets, but ski masks and practice various stunts with no regard for any law abiding road users or pedestrians.

On leaving the Halifax Road Tesco a short while ago, I witnessed the two ski masked lunatics exiting Fenwick Drive, turning left into Halifax Road. The lights were at red and they went straight through, either side of a young man who was on the crossing without even acknowledging him.

Would this really be happening if there were regular police patrols in the area?

I fear that despite what we are told by the government, the huge cuts to police numbers are having an adverse effect on crime at all levels.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford