SIR - Bradford Council’s Labour-controlled Regulatory and Appeals Committee wasted no time on Day One of their new municipal year in approving plans for over 1,500 new homes across the District.

The problem is, too few of these new homes will be affordable for our younger Bradfordians and many of them are going up on Green Belt land.

Moreover, none of them will be energy efficient or build-in enough renewable energy technologies like solar panels or ground-sourced heat pumps. These mini carbon-factories will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of tonnes of avoidable carbon pollution over the coming decades.

This is not good enough, especially given that Bradford Council is – in theory – committed to cutting our carbon pollution and tackling the fuel poverty caused by energy-hungry housing.

The Green councillors welcome more homes for our people, but insist that these are low-carbon and affordable. Labour’s short-sightedness is just storing up more trouble for our future.

Cllr Kevin Warnes (Green, Shipley), Moorhead Terrace, Shipley