SIR - A new survey, Voices from the Social Care Crisis, by the Care and Support Alliance (CSA) reveals large numbers of men and women needing care are being left unfed and living in fear, amounting to a broad picture of neglect across the UK. The report, focussing on those who need care or carers themselves, shows the "damning reality of a care system that is visibly falling apart and unfit for purpose."

The CSA-an umbrella group of more than 80 charities-said the worst cases are in the hands of a system that is supposed to provide a safety net for them, but often lacks the resources to do so. In fact, one in seven people have had their care packages reduced, despite their needs having increased or staying the same. The report says, "An estimated £6.3 billion will have been taken out of adult social care in real terms since 2010 and the cuts to budgets between 2010 and 2017 now total 49 per cent."

This is austerity directed against the most vulnerable in our society, many of whom have no voice. It is a truly shocking indictment and those responsible should be ashamed.

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose