SIR - I fail to see how the Israeli army can justify the mass shooting of so many people over these past few days. Indeed, this barbarity has been going on much longer, with those who raise their voices about these crimes drowned out by the American government and its huge right wing lobby.

The United Nations does little. Britain, who made this mess in the first place (thank you, Lord Balfour) does even less for fear of President Trump's acid tongue.

Those who have died include women, children and clearly identifiable members of the press, some shot in the back.

Perhaps if they had been white, Anglo-Saxon protestants (WASPS) more fuss would have been made.

As things stand, there will be no peace the Middle East until the Palestinians are treated fairly and Israel drops this 'God given right' rubbish, which is simply an excuse for committing murder.

Cathy MacKay, Bailey Hills Rd, Bingley