SIR - I am not keen on tit-for-tat exchanges especially when you have run a variety of complaints from readers that the number number of letters about Brexit is excessive. I do however feel a response is needed to Alec Suchi (T&A Letters, May 10).

Yes post-Brexit our Supreme Court will be supreme but that is here not there so throughout the rest of Europe, British exporters will still be subject to the full force of EU regulation. This is because they have to provide proof to their customers in the countries of destination that the goods they are importing from the UK meet the EU's rules on origin, value and compliance.

Thus Mr Suchi is wrong is to assume that post-Brexit and with EU trade regulations subsumed into our law, the European Court of Justice will no longer have a role. Across the Channel, those regulations are still there so like it or not, as long as we trade with the EU, our exporters will be subject to them. The only difference being that the UK will no longer have a say in how they are framed.

Brian Holmans, Langley Road, Bingley