SIR - With regards to the recent local elections coverage on national TV news. If I was only a casual observer of the news and just picked up on passing spin and sound bites only, I may be forgiven for thinking that the Conservatives had had a phenomenal landslide victory across the land. Theresa May was reacting like she had just become president elect of the entire planet. Either she’s just grinned I thought or maybe it’s a glitch in her software sub-routines.

Maybe she needs to run a major self diagnostic as it has all again been a case of some more Orwellian truth reversing propaganda. The Tories were actually down by 31 seats across local authorities and Labour, despite misleading news broadcasts were actually 59 seats up even though they should have gained more ground than this.

The Tories may well have done even worse if it wasn't for them gaining some of the former UKIP territory which were 123 seats down. Even the Lib-Dems had a mini revival at local level and gained 75 seats. Yes we are living in times that would have shocked George Orwell.

George Hitchcock, Southlands, Baildon