SIR - The NHS was born on July 5, 1948 when Labour Health Secretary Aneurin Bevan launched it almost 70 years ago, in Manchester. Since that time, the NHS budget has risen on average 4 per cent per year from its creation up to 2010, when the coalition government, led by the Conservatives began limiting rises to only one per cent a year.

Thus, we cannot be surprised at the many problems that have emerged over the last eight years which have resulted from shortages of funding, eg the number of NHS operations postponed at the last minute in the first three months of 2018 was the highest since records began. Official figures also reveal that 11.6 per cent of patients who had their operation postponed did not have their treatment rearranged within 28 days.

There is talk that Theresa May plans to use the anniversary on Thursday, July 5 to announce major increases in its budget. This will be very welcome. But, when this money is so desperately needed for patient treatment and care now, why wait two months?

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose