SIR - It is very sad to think what kind of country we have become when we hear stories of people who have been here for decades being deported or denied healthcare.

But it is also important to remember that Theresa May's "hostile environment" affects more than just the Windrush generation. It also forces landlords, police officers, doctors, teachers and others to be suspicious of anyone who might be a so-called "illegal" immigrant – making the UK a more hostile place for many British citizens too.

Immigrants, whether they arrived in 1948 or 2018, are our neighbours, our friends and our children's classmates. They deserve respect, love and a good welcome, not hostility. The government should stop treating them like the enemy within, and focus on the inequality and poverty that is really responsible for damaging our society.

Apologies and assurances are not enough. The Government must end the hostile environment policy altogether.

Jane Howson, member of Global Justice Bradford, Heaton