THE box office at Bradford’s newest cinema opens for business today.

Bradford is already well-served by picture houses – there are 13 screens, including an IMAX, the largest in the region, within five minutes walk of The Light ,but the newest venue is welcome nevertheless.

The Light is challenging the dominance of the major cinema chains by offering a mixture of mainstream blockbusters, independents and special screenings of classics, sport, opera, live theatre and music.

Although some of the market leaders have also cottoned on to the possibilities of sport and live entertainment, The Light promises audiences a premium environment at standard cinema ticket prices.

That’s an enticing offer for filmgoers increasingly fed up with Hollywood’s homogenous output of superhero movies, copycat sequels and bad taste comedies.

Audiences have grown up, but the mainstream movie-going experience hasn’t changed much in 30 years.

The Light aims to fill the void for families and mature film fans yearning for something a bit different.

That’s why we’re delighted that The Light has chosen Bradford, the world’s first UNESCO city of film and a favourite shooting location, for its newest multiplex.

We’re also pleased to see The Broadway retail complex able to add an entertainment venue to its offer that will attract more visitors to the city centre.

With The Light open and St George’s Hall and the Odeon next up, these are exciting times for Bradford arts.