SIR - A few years ago, fossil fuel companies were banned from fracking in Britain's national parks. Now some are back, trying to get around restrictions on fracking, using a technique called 'acid drilling' in south eastern England. This procedure involves 'dissolving' rocks with diluted acid to release oil.

According to investigations by Greenpeace, oil companies have bought up drilling licences covering 180,000 acres of protected land, such as national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty and sites of special scientific interest. These are now at risk from oil drilling.

Of course, apart from the risks to these places and the question of safety regulations, these companies are simply not interested in the expert opinion of climate change scientists who say oil like this should be left in the ground. Their motivation is the huge profit they hope to make from fossil fuels.

If you think this drilling is wrong, go online to to add your 'signature' to the petition 'No oil drilling in our national parks' and join all those against this plan.

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose