SIR - Thank you for Michael Randle’s excellent article on the beginnings of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. (T&A, February 17) As you said in your editorial comment, we should thank the CND pioneers.

Some, from around Yorkshire, were present at a packed CND 60th Anniversary party in Bradford.

Their stories, and others, of campaigning over the past 60 and more years were inspiring.

Yes, we still have nuclear weapons, and our government has yet to sign up to the United Nation ban.

Who knows what might have happened if we had not been campaigning hard against these weapons of mass destruction over the past decades.

I am proud that Bradford is one of 187 International Cities of Peace.

I am also proud, as an octogenarian, with confidence to hand to young people the challenge of bringing our country to a commitment to join the other 122 United Nations countries and sign up to the UN’s legally-binding treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

Brenda Thomson, Heights Lane, Bradford

SIR - Congratulations to the T&A on the coverage of the celebration of 60 years of CND.

The coverage was excellent. The article by Michael Randle, a Shipley resident who was present at the formation of CND, was authoritative and extremely informative.

Equally, the editorial was excellent. The writer had clearly understood that nuclear weapons do not protect us, make us a target and if ever used will destroy our entire world.

We are already feeling the effect of nuclear weapons in that the mind blowing cost, £205 billion to replace and maintain the Trident nuclear fleet, is haemorrhaging money away from much-needed social needs such as health, education, housing, employment, transport etc.

This madness has to stop.

Thank you CND for bringing this to our attention and to the Telegraph and Argus for covering the event so well.

Dr Christopher Butler, Dock Lane, Shipley