SIR - Being a female vegetarian for the past 17-plus years, I looked into the use of HRT patches (or whatever) but could not bring myself to use them because of the nature of how this medicine' worked.

I recently read about women's fears on HRT and ovarian cancer and am pleased I took notice of my wonderful Dr Sally Blackburn so many years ago who invited' me to attend her menopausal clinic for mums of a certain age.

At the end of our session, the sister asked us who had teenage daughters and told us to start them on evening primrose oil (better still starflower oil) and if we mums were not already taking it to start.

I noticed after starting to take it that my aaargh' feeling was lessening and hasn't (OK maybe once or twice) returned.

I went through the night sweats (into daytime too) and the flushes, but coped with them quite admirably I think. I also take a veggie calcium supplement for my bones, which I believe HRT does help with. It worked for me and my daughter, so listen up ladies, give it a go.

You have nothing to lose and tons to gain.

Rita Robertshaw, Dalecroft Rise, Bradford