SIR - I guess Jenny Sampson's life-line is due to finish shortly. With her opposition to all things "not nice to animals" she will be unable to do, have or eat anything at all.

Cosmetics - virtually all these items have been made after testing them on animals and not in a "nice" way.

Medicines - most have been tested on rhesus monkeys prior to use on humans.

Clothes - such cruelty to sheep, having haircuts regularly and shivering in the cold as a result of the actions.

Footwear - all those cows and other leather-bearing animals being killed to provide footwear.

Food - all those mice, deer, rabbits, etc, being disturbed during the harvesting of grain for bread, etc, all those animals being slaughtered so we can eat.

Sorry, Jenny, it is just impossible to pick out any part of modern living that has not at some time relied on the abhorrent practice of experimentation on animals but can you think of any real alternative?

Phil Boase, Elizabeth Street, Wyke