DON’T be fooled by the array of smiling faces in photographs of the cabinet at work in 10 Downing St.

Because all is not as it seems. Beneath the cheery exterior simmers some unrest which could develop into something more serious.

Take the Prime Minister’s bold decision on the extra runway at Heathrow Airport.

You may bitterly disagree with this decision - many people do - but at least she has had the courage to reach a decision that her predecessors have all managed to dodge.

However, the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has publicly said this decision is “undeliverable”. And as we all know, Boris is a formidable opponent.

Justine Greening, Education Secretary, has also registered opposition.

Somebody said the other day that it is just as well Plane Stupid were not around in Victorian times otherwise we would have had no trains.

There are Tory opponents too to the high speed rail link (HS2).

And what with Brexit on top of all that, it is beginning to look like trouble ahead for Theresa.