PARENTS whose children have autism have enough to contend with without losing the limited support that is currently offered to them.

So it is regretful that an after-school club for pupils who have the condition is being forced to suspend its sessions because funding has come to an end.

The end of funding of £400,000 secured by Bradford Autism Support means that the group is having to suspend its out-of-school clubs.

Although it is optimistic it will be able to reinstate these services at some point, it is still awaiting the outcome of a new funding bid.

And that means parents and children who are already facing difficulties are now left without support that is crucial.


For many parents, like Anthony Hall who is quoted in our report, this will be a devastating blow.

Autism is a condition that those of us not affected directly it by may find difficult to understand the impact it has on the whole family.

But it can make life extremely difficult for parents and siblings of children affected - and leave the children themselves in a world of confusion and isolation if they don't get the necessary support.

These sessions offer brief respite for parents as well as specific help for the children.

These families need and deserve all the help that can be provided to them.

It is vital that everything possible is done restore these after school sessions as soon as possible for the sake of both the children affected and their beleaguered parents.