SIR – This month saw the 20th anniversary of the genocide that took place in Srebrenica in 1995. More than 8,000 men and boys were killed because of their faith.

Commemorations have taken place up and down the country.

Bradford’s memorial event was held on July 4. I am grateful to those who participated and helped with the organisation of this poignant occasion.

As a diverse and multi-faith community, we must learn lessons and reflect upon this dreadful event that took place 20 years ago.

Hatred and intolerance must be eradicated from our own communities. We must challenge racism and hatred.

I am proud of the work the charity Remembering Srebrenica has done during the past few years to raise awareness of this stain on our collective histories.

Councillor Adrian Farley Champion, Remembering Srebrenica c/o Bradford City Hall