SIR - T&A readers may be interested to know that Philip Davies MP is one of a group of three (Tory) MPs that have consistently and shamelessly blocked attempts to abolish wild animals (lions, tigers, camels, zebras etc. ) from being allowed to perform in circuses.

A similar ban has already been enacted in many countries from Bosnia to Bolivia The Private Members Bill has the support of David Cameron, the Government, the Labour Party and the British Veterinary Association (and 90 per cent of the British public).

It seems, however, that Mr Davies and his pals know better, and have acted together on no less than seven occasions to block the Bill.

Although Labour Ministers have guaranteed that a future Labour government will introduce the legislation, frankly, that does nothing for those creatures being dragged around the country right now.

Perhaps Mr Davies would like to explain to the 90 per cent of his constituents why he assumes expert knowledge on this issue. And why he clearly believes this cruel and humiliating spectacle should not be consigned to history?

Christopher Hindle, Osterley Grove, Bradford