SIR – As someone to whom the history of local railways is important, I am interested in the surviving railway infrastructure and trackbed of the former Great Northern line from Shipley (Windhill) to Laisterdyke via Thackley, Idle and Eccleshill.

The line closed to passengers in 1931, but survived as a freight route until the 1960s.

It has occurred to me that the surviving trackbed, already in use as a unofficial pathway between Windhill and Thackley could see future use as a cycle way or footpath in a similar way to the Great Northern Trail linking Queensbury with Thornton and ultimately the section near Culingworth.

I intend to hold a local meeting in future months to explore the level of interest in the line, and also to act as a pressure group aimed at safeguarding the surviving trackbed.

In the meantime, could I invite anyone who is interested in assisting me to contact me on

M Neale, Oxford Road, Queensbury, Bradford