SIR – I was appalled to read Animal Aid’s letter (T&A, March 19) about schoolchildren visiting animal laboratories. It would appear that Animal Aid’s recent reprimand by the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading the public has done little to stifle their creative instincts.

The visits aren’t any kind of ‘whitewash’ and schools themselves decided if they wanted to participate after being invited. What’s happening is children get to see what goes on in a typical animal lab and ask questions of researchers.

I can understand why companies like Animal Aid, which rely on selling horrifying narratives to the public as one of their revenue streams, would be worried by such openness. If potential donors see the great standards of animal care and a distinct lack of “torture” in British labs, they may well find donations drying up.

However this does not give them carte blanche to concoct conspiracy theories. Following years of violent attacks on labs by animal rights extremists, enough of them have been imprisoned that it is safe for labs to once again open their doors. Perhaps Animal Aid could just welcome it.

Chris Magee, Understanding Animal Research, Farringdon Lane, London