SIR – As a regular traveller from my home to Saltaire and beyond, the journey by road to Saltaire used to take ten to 15 minutes maximum at peak times.

Today, travelling took 55 minutes with no apparent hold-ups on the way.

I appreciate that during the actual roadworks delays would occur, but with no apparent works now before the new junction, a clear run should not take longer than it did before the roadworks commenced.

Emergency vehicles are often seen having to travel on the wrong side of the road to avoid the delays, so where is the benefit to the motorist with a vast sum of money being spent on a supposed improvement?

It may have made traffic flow safer at the major junction in Saltaire, but pedestrians trying to cross to or from Gordon Terrace now have no pedestrian controlled crossing in that area and have to rely on stopping traffic allowing them to cross.

To my knowledge it has taken more than 20 years to come up with this scheme; will it take another lengthy period in an attempt to provide relief at the junction and better traffic flow?

D S Ratcliffe, Redburn Road, Shipley