SIR – In response to Alan Walsh’s letter (January 13) stating that most people did not vote for the Town Council, extending on his logic, the same can be said of all three Conservative Councillors that represent Baildon.

At the last elections in 2012, the Conservatives won with just 1,844 votes out of an electorate of 11,549, meaning 9,705 people didn’t vote Conservative.

If, as he states, that only 5,846 people bothered to vote, it would appear that the turnout for the Parish Council Referendum, was bigger than the turnout for the City Council elections of 2012 and 2011.

I encourage everyone in the upcoming elections, no matter who you are voting for, to go out and vote and have your say. That way we can ensure that the person representing Baildon is the one most of the town voted for.

David Shaw (Chairman Baildon & Wharfedale Branch Labour Party), Nidderdale Walk, Baildon