SIR – A number of schools have informed parents that their children will have to use an iPad as part of their learning process.

It was suggested to the parents that they pay £10 a month until the purchase price of £360, which is the average retail cost, is met.

The rights and wrongs of using these devices is open to debate; however, this once again demonstrates the inability of public bodies to purchase anything at the best possible price.

Had any supplier been approached and asked to quote for such huge numbers of iPads, you could guarantee that the price would be dramatically less than £360 per unit.

Councils and other public bodies such as the NHS and emergency services continually complain about financial cuts but seem incapable of demonstrating an efficient purchasing strategy.

The Council recently said it spent nearly £250,000 rounding up stray horses; I could have got Clint Eastwood to do the same job for a lot less!

Bryan Hanson, Busy Lane, Windhill, Shipley