SIR – Despite having no “political ambitions” (Letter of Alan Walsh, January 13), I canvassed Baildon to see if its inhabitants wanted a Parish Council. The legally requisite number voted in favour.

Far from being a “further unnecessary tier of local government”, the Parish – now Town – Council has invigorated our community spirit by its focus on our locality. In 2012-13 alone, its funds were used on 23 valuable projects – for health and well-being; for the young, including £6,000 to draw in additional grants up to £75,000 to wonderfully refurbish the Southcliff Drive playground; for environmental improvements; and for building a stronger community. The Town Council administers the allotments and the farmers market.

The Parish Council precept had been scarcely raised since its inception – the Town Council took the brave decision to increase it. Now I have to pay the outlandish sum of 43p per week! It is the most productive 43p I spend.

Our proud but rather tired village of the Eighties is now a vigorous, caring community of interconnected groups. The Parish and Town Councils helped greatly in this.

John D Anderson, Bramham Drive, Baildon