The issues with the Central Library in Bradford have dragged on for far too long now, and having such an integral part of the city centre’s provision out of action is just not acceptable.

So it is to be cautiously welcomed that the Council has decided to take affirmative action, even if this means that the old building, branded a fire risk and not fit for purpose back in October 2011, will no longer serve as the city’s main library.

A cautious welcome, because essentially the library service is to be relocated to empty units in the City Park, and these are going to be smaller facilities than the present site. The Council must ensure that no drop in service comes with a move to smaller premises.

On the other hand, the proposals have a lot going for them. The units on Centenary Square are much more central, accessible and modern. Their situation also opens up the possibility of perhaps more interactive events for both adults and children, such as workshops, holiday activities and author readings.

The way in which we read and use libraries is obviously changing as more people turn to digital methods of accessing literature and reference books. But for a great many people, a bricks-and-mortar library is a lifeline and a vital tool, and the best possible provision of library services in Bradford city centre must be maintained.

Providing this is the case, and the libraries service embraces modern technology as well as honouring the traditional library functions, we can hope that this move will be a positive one that eventually revitalises Bradford’s libraries.